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My Future Plan (Pathway Planning)

What is My Future Plan?

Taking the first steps into adulthood is both exciting and a bit scary for everyone. Preparing for and leaving care can be challenging, but there is support there to make it easier.

The Local Authority has a responsibility to support young people prepare for and leave care, often referred to as throughcare and aftercare support.

All young people who leave care should have a “Pathway Plan”. In North Lanarkshire this is called a My Future Plan. This is an assessment and plan that details your needs and goals, how these are going to be supported and who will provide you with support.

The My Future Plan was designed with young people who are care experienced and they told us what would help them most in the in the next chapter of life.

They identified the important parts of everyone’s life and decided the My Future Plan would be divided into six “pillars”.

These are:
· Where I live,
· Money Matters,
· Health and Well-being,
· People who are important to me,
· Education, Work, Skills Development, and
· Lifestyle.

Care leavers can ask social work for a My Future Plan to be completed at any time up to 26 years. The My Future Plan will be reviewed every six months, but can be reviewed at any time. For instance, on request or if there are any major changes in a young person's life.

If you want to contact social work and speak to someone to discuss support and getting a My Future Plan click here to open the access aftercare support link.

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