What is aftercare support?

Aftercare support is advice, guidance and assistance to support the transition into adulthood and towards independence. This can be in the form of practical support to set up and maintain your own home, making sure you are getting the money you are entitled to, budgeting advice, or supporting you to get in touch with important people in your life.

The Local Authority has a duty to provide aftercare support until your 19th birthday and should continue to do so based on your needs until the age of 26 years and sometimes beyond.

The My Future Plan is the tool used in North Lanarkshire to help care leavers identify their needs and detail the plan of support. This is individual to each person’s needs and circumstances.   

If you are a care leaver and not in receipt of support, but you think that you need it, you have the right to get back in touch with social work services up until your 26th birthday and access this support. You may be able to get support when you are over 26 years.

If you need support, please contact your local social work office , especially if there are workers there who know you and can support you.  Or, you can contact the Aftercare Hub at Intensive Services during office hours by phone: 01236 638500 or email the team by clicking on the link and we will get in touch with you: IntensiveServicesGeneralAdmin@northlan.gov.uk

Still not sure if you are entitled to support, get in touch and we can discuss this with you.

Updated on February 13, 2024
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