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Lifelong Links aims to ensure that a child in care, or a young person or adult who has left care has a positive support network around them to help them during their time in care and into adulthood.

Lifelong Links can support you to identify the important people from your childhood. This could be family members that you may never have had the opportunity to meet or family members that you have lost contact with. This could be previous carers and their family that you lived with, or it could be people who supported you in your childhood, such as a teacher or social worker.

Through Lifelong Links, a coordinator would work with you to find out who is important to you, who you would like to be back in touch with and who you would like to get to know. The coordinator searches for these people, using a variety of tools and techniques. They then prepare and bring the important people together at the Lifelong Links family meeting to make a plan with and for you. You and the network of important people will continue to be supported to ensure these relationships continue to grow.

The video below, will tell you more about lifelong links from young person’s experience.

If you would like to be supported through Lifelong links or speak to someone to see if it is right for you, you can contact the Lifelong Links team by phone on: 01236 638500 or by email through this link: IntensiveServicesGeneralAdmin@northlan.gov.uk

Below is a 3-minute film which explains more from a young person’s experience,

Sandy’s story:

Updated on March 10, 2024

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