• Other Useful Housing Contacts

    Central Rents Team: 01698 524811 Home Contents Insurance: – New Application:  01698 524811                                                         – Make a Claim:      0345 165 5768 Antisocial Behaviour (24 Hour Service):     0300 123 1382 Telephone payments Rent/ Council Tax:    01698 403130 Tenant Participation Team:    01698 302565 Emergency Out of Hours Support Service:    0800… Continue Reading Other Useful Housing Contacts

  • Sum it up

    Sum it up is an adult learning programme offered through Community Learning and Development that can help you with the everyday use of numbers, such as when paying bills or budgeting. Sum it up can help you to build the confidence and skills to make using numbers easier for you.… Continue Reading Sum it up

  • Support for parents

    Community Learning and Development arrange activities to help children, parents or family members learn together in small groups in schools, nurseries and community settings. Family learning can help both your child and you as a parent or carer. Activities can focus on: We also run programmes that can help you and your… Continue Reading Support for parents

  • Adult literacy and numeracy

    Help with reading and number skills for adults We offer courses in your area to help you improve your reading, writing and number skills.  You may be able to gain a qualification in some subjects. Get in touch if you would like to talk to someone about improving your basic… Continue Reading Adult literacy and numeracy

  • Throughcare and Aftercare Nurses

    There are two throughcare and aftercare nurses in North Lanarkshire who are available to support care leavers aged 16 -26 years to access all area of health and wellbeing.  The nurses will be able to give advice and can spend individual time with care leavers. This can be anything from… Continue Reading Throughcare and Aftercare Nurses

  • Human Rights

    Human rights are the basic things that every person needs to live with dignity and develop their potential, such as food, housing, education, healthcare, the right to expression, to hold religious beliefs, and to be protected against violence, abuse and discrimination. Everyone has human rights no matter who they are, where… Continue Reading Human Rights

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