Paying for housing

Paying your rent on time is important. You will be given information on how to pay your rent and when it is due to be paid. 

We are here to help you. We understand things happen that can cause you to fall behind with your rent. If this happens, it is important to contact your Housing Advisor as soon as possible to discuss your circumstances.  

We have Income Maximisers who can help manage your income effectively, make applications for benefits, including an exemption on your council tax.

If you are facing an unexpected financial difficulty, we can make an application for assistance from the Scottish Welfare Fund and any other grants you may be eligible for.

Our Tackling Poverty Team can help if you if you are struggling financially. This could be caused by issues with your benefits, debt, or any other unexpected issue. The team can help by making a claim and representing you when challenging decisions regarding your benefits. You can contact the team by email on the following link: Tackling Poverty Team: TPTeam@Northlan.gov.uk

There is an online benefit calculator that you can use to check you are receiving all the money you may be entitled to. 

The Scottish Welfare Fund can help people and families on low incomes who are in crisis or need help to set up or remain in the community. 

Crisis Grant – to help you cope with unexpected expenses and disasters; for example, a fire or flood, or if any money has been lost or stolen.

Community Care Grant – to help vulnerable people set up home, when moving from an ‘unsettled way of life’ or continue to live independently within their community. They can also help families who are facing exceptional pressures.

Updated on February 13, 2024
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