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Support to Buy the Items I need to Make my House my Home

There are two main sources of funding to support care leavers set up their home: First Home Grant for care leavers entitled to aftercare support and Social Welfare Fund.

All care leavers are entitled to a First Home Grant when moving in to their own home. This grant is provided through social work to support care leavers buy the household goods required to set up their home. Grants are based on an assessment of need completed by a worker who knows the young person’s circumstances and is able to involve the young person, and include their views, in all aspects of the planning. This assessment will often be done at the same time as a review of your My Future Plan.

The First Home Grant does not need to be applied for at once and can be applied for as and when items are required.

An additional payment to cover the cost of a TV licence, or digital connectivity up to the equivalent value can be made in the first year.

Get in touch with your worker from social work to access this grant.

Application can also be made to the Social Welfare Fund to purchase the essential items required.

Read more in the How to contact the team page to ensure you are getting the money you are entitled to.

Updated on March 10, 2024
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