Maintaining my home?

Maintaining a home can be difficult. This can involve thinking about the practical things you need to do each day or week in your home or making sure you have the things you need, especially when items need to be bought or replaced.

If you need help to think about how you do the practical things to maintain your home, get in touch with your Housing Champion and they can help you identify the right support.

If you need help with buying items for your home, there are various places where you may be able to get support to help you :

Social Welfare Fund

Community Care Grant

Social Work Services as an eligible care leaver

You can contact your worker from social work or if you are not working with the service you can either get in touch with the service through the email link below or contact the Tackling Poverty Team who can assist you:

Social Work: IntensiveServicesGeneralAdmin@northlan.gov.uk

Tackling Poverty Team: TPTeam@Northlan.gov.uk

Updated on February 13, 2024
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