During Office Hours?

If you have to leave where you are living on an emergency basis and find yourself homeless, you should contact your local housing office. If you have an allocated worker in social work, you can contact your worker.

Contact details for the local housing offices are detailed below for during office hours.

Local Housing Offices:

Airdrie Housing Office                                                       

Tel: 01236 758035

Email:  airdrie-cumbernauldhousing@northlan.gov.uk

Bellshill Housing Office                                                        

Tel: 01698 332340

Email:  MotherwellandBellshillHousing@northlan.gov.uk       

Coatbridge Housing Office                                                

Tel: 01236 812530

Email:  CKHousing@northlan.gov.uk

Cumbernauld Housing Office                                              

Tel: 01236 632726

Email:  airdrie-cumbernauldhousing@northlan.gov.uk

Kilsyth Housing Office                                                        

Tel: 01236 828120

Email:  CKhousing@northlan.gov.uk

Moodiesburn Housing Office                                             

Tel: 01236 812530 / 01236 828120

Email:  CKHousing@northlan.gov.uk

Motherwell Housing Office                                             

Tel: 01698 274135


Shotts Housing Office                                                          

Tel: 01501 824747

Email:  Shottshousing@northlan.gov.uk

Viewpark Housing Office

Tel:  01698 403700

Email:  MotherwellandBellshillHousing@northlan.gov.uk

Wishaw Housing Office

Tel:    01698 302920

Email:  Wishawhousing@northlan.gov.uk

Updated on February 11, 2024
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